gbsn-home-header4It’s time to have fun! After a delicious meal and spectacular view, there’s nothing better than enjoying our 25,000 sq. foot entertainment complex. Win points and take home prizes from our elite redemption center. You’ll find prizes that will dazzle kids of all ages! Come have a blast with friends and family at Arcadia and check out our 150 exciting games and other activities.

We have the latest and greatest games like: Star Wars Battle Pod, Mario Kart GP DX Arcade, Time Crisis 5, Jurassic Park, Pac-Man Smash and more!

starwars    mariokart    time crisis     jurrasic park

arcardiabanner5As mentioned, many of our games reward your expertise and gaming skill with eTickets. Challenge your friends and see who can get the most eTickets during your visit. Redeem them for quality prizes at the LARGEST elite prize center in the Smokies!